Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday - Non-Fiction This Time!

People call this day after Turkey Day
Black Friday for retailers all
The biggest day of the shopping year
And everyone heads to the mall

Up before sunrise and out the door
Go the shoppers from young to old
Often waiting for stores to open,
Find that gift and mark it 'sold'!

Not me, no way, no how, uh-uh
I'm not joining that spending spree
I'll stay tucked in bed awhile
And consider leftover turkey!

After twenty-plus years on the retail
Side of the counter, no one could pay
Me enough to fight the clerks & crowds
On the day after Thanksgiving day!!

Hope you had fun, with sleep in your eyes
As the store displays you perused
And headed home with sacks and boxes
As I layed in bed and snoozed!

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